Plymouth Rock chickens
A Champion Blue Plymouth Rock Bantam cockerel
One of our Blue Plymouth Rock Bantam cockerels. This male won Champion Blue Plymouth Rock at both the National and National Federation shows.
Blue Plymouth Rocks:
Blue Plymouth Rocks vary between a deep laced blue to a pastel lavender shade of pigeon blue - in all cases, the birds are very attractive. In common with many other Blue varieties, they are not frequently seen. We were pleased to bring the bantams back onto the show scene in the 1990s from stock originally from the late Jim Shaw, and distribute them to other breeders. We were the first exhibitors for many years to win Best Blue Plymouth Rock at the National Club Show.

Blue Plymouth Rocks - a breeding challenge.

Blue Plymouth Rocks can be bred in a variety of ways, in common with many other blue breeds. Two Blue parents when mated together will produce 50% Blue offspring, with 25% being Black and 25% 'Splash' (splashes of blue but mostly white plumage). The two sports, when mated together, will produce 100% Blue offspring. The blue shade varies, so they present an interesting breeding challenge.

Blue Plymouth Rock Timeline

c1915 ‘Jersey Blues’ are imported into Britain from America having ‘Andalusian blue plumage, single combs, and Plymouth Rock type’, and are used to develop Blue Plymouth Rocks in both countries.

1920 Blue Plymouth Rocks are admitted to the American Standard of Perfection.

We breed relatively small numbers of stock each year but do have spare birds or eggs available to Plymouth Rock enthusiasts from time to time. Please see our Stock for Sale and Hatching Eggs pages.

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