Plymouth Rock chickens
Columbian Plymouth Rock large fowl cockerel
One of our Columbian Plymouth Rock large fowl cockerels. This bird won at the National Championship show for us.
Columbian Plymouth Rocks:
Columbian Plymouth Rocks in Large fowl and bantam were introduced to the UK in recent years from the USA. They resemble the classic Plymouth Rock type and share their striking markings with Light Brahmas and Columbian Wyandottes.

Columbian Plymouth Rocks - not a Light Sussex!

In the UK, despite having different legs, undercolour, and type, Columbian Plymouth Rocks are sometimes mistaken for Light Sussex, a popular British table bird. All British strains were imported in the last 20 years from the USA.

Columbian Plymouth Rock Timeline

c1900 Columbian Plymouth Rocks are developed in Ohio, US. Columbian Wyandottes, Light Brahmas, together with White and Barred Plymouth Rocks are reported to have been used in their composition.

1910 Columbian Plymouth Rocks are admitted to the American Standard of Perfection.

We breed relatively small numbers of stock each year but do have spare birds or eggs available to Plymouth Rock enthusiasts from time to time. Please see our Stock for Sale and Hatching Eggs pages.

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