Plymouth Rock chickens
Partridge Plymouth Rocks:
Partridge Plymouth Rock Bantam pullet
One of our Partridge Plymouth Rock bantams that did well for us and took Best Partridge Plymouth Rock at the National Club Show.
Partridge Plymouth Rocks are a beautiful variety with colourful males and intricately marked females. We brought Partridge Plymouth Rock bantams back onto the show scene in the 1990s, using a combination of the late Jim Shaw's stock and continental Silver Pencilleds, winning Best Partridge Plymouth Rock at the National Club show numerous times. They are now doing very well.

Partridge Plymouth Rocks and Wyandottes

Partridge Plymouth Rocks share much of their history with the Partridge variety of the rose-combed Wyandotte, interchangeably helping each other through times of difficulty. In the USA, the ground and hackle colour is much darker than the British variety.

Partridge Plymouth Rock Timeline

c1900 Partridge Plymouth Rocks are originated at Elmwood Farms, New Jersey, US, by using Partridge Wyandottes. Another Partridge strain appears in Indiana, US, resulting from crossing Indian Game, Partridge Cochin, and Gold Laced Wyandotte.

1909 Partridge Plymouth Rocks are recognised in the American Standard of Perfection.

We breed relatively small numbers of stock each year but do have spare birds or eggs available to Plymouth Rock enthusiasts from time to time. Please see our Stock for Sale and Hatching Eggs pages.

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