Plymouth Rock chickens
Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rocks:
Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rock Bantam hen
The markings in detail of one of our Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rock bantam hens that did well for us and took Best Any Other Colour Plymouth Rock at the National Club Show.
Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rocks are a beautiful variety with colourful males and intricately marked females, that requires double-mating to achieve perfection. We introduced the bantams into the UK in the 1990s as a pullet breeding line and used it with our Partridge bantams for initial improvement. A second line, Cockerel breeders, was imported by a nearby breeder, Ken Griffiths of Peterlee, from Robert Murphy in the USA, and we used this line to improve our exhibition Silver Pencilled and Partridge males.

Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rocks helping Wyandottes
Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rocks share much of their history with the Partridge variety of the rose-combed Wyandotte, interchangeably helping each other through times of difficulty.

Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rock Timeline

c1900 Silver Pencilled are developed in New York from single-combed Wyandottes, other strains being developed from crossing Silver grey Dorking’s with Dark Brahma’s.

1907 Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rocks are admitted to the American Standard of Perfection.

We breed relatively small numbers of stock each year but do have spare birds or eggs available to Plymouth Rock enthusiasts from time to time. Please see our Stock for Sale and Hatching Eggs pages.

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