Plymouth Rock chickens
White Plymouth Rocks:
Large White Plymouth Rocks are currently used as the female line in 95% of the world’s broiler breeding stocks having obvious table qualities and are one of the most successful exhibition varieties in the USA. In the UK, the bantams are more popular and can beat the other colours for Best of Breed at shows on occasion.
White Plymouth Rock Bantam Cockerel
One of our White Plymouth Rock Bantam Cockerels pictured at home. This bird won the Best White Plymouth Rock at the National & National Federation shows.


White Plymouth Rocks from Barreds

White Plymouth Rocks undoubtedly developed from barred birds in 1874. They have become hugely successful whether for utility purposes or exhibition and are a wonderful sight when correctly presented.

White Plymouth Rock Timeline

1874 Oscar Frost of Maine, US, develops the first Whites after hatching white chicks from barred parents. These were developed with Light Brahma’s and White Dorking’s and reached England in about 1880.

1888 White Plymouth Rocks are recognised by the American Poultry Association.

We breed relatively small numbers of stock each year but do have spare birds or eggs available to Plymouth Rock enthusiasts from time to time. Please see our Stock for Sale and Hatching Eggs pages.

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